I teach service-based small businesses (coaches, consultants & content creators) how to grow their influence, impact and income online.

Me in 30 seconds…or slightly more

  • INFJ-T (The Advocate), extroverted-introvert and minimalist wanabee.
  • Kenyan native. I now live in South Africa.
  • What I do? I like to help people learn things or do things better through stories and technology
  • Why? I love to learn. And when I share my ideas online, I’m forced to do practice what I preach/believe.

What I’m Up to Right Now

1. Building this website, by focusing on content, traffic and email list building.

2. I’m also working on my masters at The University of Johannesburg. My thesis is on the factors that influence trust and adoption of digital content.

3. Word for the year: CONGRUENCE. That means making my actions in line with my beliefs. In practice, that means optimizing my life for learning and creating.

Last update was 3rd July 2018

Favorite quote: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle. In other words, success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.

Motto – Live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!

  • LIVE your best life – there are no do overs.
  • The ultimate purpose of life is LOVE – who you are, what you do and those you serve.
  • There are no failures in life, only lessons to be LEARNT and sometimes unlearnt.
  • LEGACY is about the influence and impact you have on those around you. The best measure of your success is how many others you helped achieve success.


Freedom – It’s your choice and responsibility to live your best life

Passion – Appreciate and bless yourself by following your bliss

Service – Appreciate and bless others with your abilities and gifts

Excellence – We are what we repeatedly do. Actions speak louder than words

Connect – Create authentic relationships for synergy

Kaizen – Green is growth, ripe is rotten

My philosophy

Living with purpose and passion = Creating a value-based, passion-fueled and purposeful life and business.

If you have a skill, expertise or passion that can be used to transform someone’s life or business, it’s time for you to make an impact.